About Us


The new clinic is open by appointment only, please call 0468 493 277

Dr. Nadine Ellery established Osteo On High at 477 High Street Golden Square in 2009. Whilst it has been a multi-modality clinic in recent years. It is currently providing Osteopathic services and the clinic is open by appointment only.

Nadine has worked with patients in Bendigo and surrounds and, with her colleagues, has been part of many patients’ healthcare plans, working with them toward a healthier body and lifestyle. Patients contact her privately and are also often referred by GPs and nurses of local medical clinics with whom a strong working relationship is established.

For those unfamiliar with Osteopathy;

Osteopaths treat the body and person, as a whole.

Osteopaths offer a range of manual treatments including;

Soft tissue
Muscle Energy Technique
Joint articulation
myofascial relase
fascial techniques
cranial osteopathy

Our holistic approach also includes;

  • a thorough medical history
  • lifestyle advice
  • dietary recommendations
  • pain management advice (supplements, applications, mindfulness and others)
  • exercise prescription (strengthening and stretching with theraband,weights, yoga, pilates and other)
  • taping recommendations
  • imaging referrals
  • GP letters
  • recommendation of allied health products
  • podiatric recommendations
  • orthopaedic testing and assessment
  • counselling

We treat a range of conditions;

  • back and neck pain
  • sciatica and nerve pain
  • headaches and migraines
  • sports injuries
  • work injuries and R.S.I.
  • joint pain and tendonitis and muscle strains
  • pregnancy related pain
  • arthritic pain

Dr. Nadine Ellery also specialises in chronic pain, women’s health, digestive disorders and auto-immune conditions. Ergonomic and biomechanical factors are always considered. Where required Nadine refers patients to local, state and interstate specialists and can organise imaging and blood test referrals. Patients’ case management is taken seriously and considered part of treating the body and patient as a whole.

The clinic is open by appointment only, please call 0468 493 277

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